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I cant format a shape in PP

I need the attached ppt to have the solid blue line all around the shape

But i cant seem to work out how to select the shape and format it?

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Thank you for uploading the file! Your shape is actually a table. To change the table outline, you must change the border formatting.

Select the table, click the Table Design tab, and change the Pen color and thickness. I used the dark blue in the theme colors and used 3 pt thickness. Then click Borders and choose Outside Borders. This will probably turn them all off the first time you click. Click that again to turn the outside borders on.

table borders
Basically, the order with formatting tables is to set the pen formatting, then apply it. (I know, it's frustrating and not intuitive!)

I went ahead and saved the file I made the adjustment on.
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Or the quick route of throwing a Shape over the top of the Word Table that has the same shape and setting the Fill transparancy to 100% and the line to the right colour and width.  It's just a layer on top :)

At least two different ways to skin this cat :)

(And I resisted the temptation to add lots of sad Brexit faces!)


Thank you guys!! Really appreciate the edits :)

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