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Robocopy parameters?

About a month ago my scheduled batch backup using xcopy began to fail.  I posted a question about the issue on EE and eventually scrapped the xcopy  with a new backup using Robocopy

Old xcopy Backup
xcopy "I:\My Documents\*.*" "K:\Mike\" /s /y /f

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Robocopy backup
set LogFile=I:\My Documents\copylog.txt
RoboCopy "I:\My Documents" "K:\RoboCopy" /E /TEE /LOG+:"RoboCopyLog.txt"

The xcopy retained files on the destination that had been removed from the source and I set up the new Robcopy to do the same.

Now the xcopy backup contains files that aren’t in the new Robocopy backup.  These would be files that had been removed from the source drive over time.

The source directory for both backups is I:\My Documents.  There are many subdirectories under this main directory.
I would like to set up a onetime Robocopy that will copy from K:\Mike to K:\Robocopy.  However, the only files (and possibly directories I want to copy are the ones that don’t exist in K:\Robocopy.

What parameters do I use on the onetime RoboCopy to accomplish this?
RoboCopy "K:\Mike" "K:\RoboCopy"  /?????
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