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Exchange 2010 - Private e-mail appeared in "Spam" Public Folder... why?

We have an Exchange 2010 setup using a number of public folders, one of which is called "Spam". This is a place for employees to post stuff that isn't really relevant to the business but might be among employees (e.g., "I have a room for rent", "anyone know a good dentist?", etc.)

We had a private e-mail message sent to two internal recipients and the e-mail message also ended up in this Spam public folder, even though it wasn't addressed there. Both people say they didn't move it there and upon reviewing their Outlook rules, nothing would copy or move that message to the folder.

Any ideas on what I could check to find out why that message ended up in Spam?


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this is unconventional way of using a public folder.  is there any automation built in the system that would redirect emails?
Since this is just a public folder, I cannot see how the email would end up there, without manually doing it or an automation rule.

Did you check the email header? maybe something is there that can show you this.

Any transport rules with words in it to send it there?

Did you perhaps look at the headers to see what and where?
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Thanks, all. No, no transport rules on Exchange and none of the recipient's rules had anything that moves/copies e-mails to a public folder. It happened early in the morning enough too that user error dragging it on accident seems unlikely (plus they said they didn't). This is the only known instance of this happening.

Unfortunately, one of the other admins deleted the message as soon as it was noticed to be there so we can't look at the header either. Was curious if there was some kind of public folder logging that might help to determine that but a search of the e-mail title in the Exchange logs folder turned up fruitless (the original e-mail was shown in the logs but it ending up in the public folder wasn't).

sorry, i don't think i have any other ideas.  
the only thing you can try to search for is mail logs in exchange.
checking for sender address and see if something was triggered.  

hope this helps.
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