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Quickbooks for Mac 2016 unusable after opening company file

Using Quickbooks for Mac 2016.  When I open one of my company files, the Customer Center window opens, because I had it open when I last closed Quickbooks.  Then I see 3 or 4 other windows open and disappear (a Deposit window, a Timesheet window, I think.)  

When the window-opening animations complete, the one open windows can be dragged into new positions, but not resized, and not closed, and does not recognize any mouse or keyboard interactions.  The program itself displays every menu item as hidden.  I have to Force Quit Quickbooks to take it down.

I tried reinstalling the program, but I get the same behavior.  Odd, because this company file was working fine just two days ago.  I back up every time I close the file, and I've tried restoring some recent backups, but they behave the same, even backups taken from a week ago.    Not sure what to do next.
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See if you can run the QB Executable with /nofile as the parameter so that QuickBooks will open but not try to open the company file.

Then if that works, try File, Open and navigate to the file. See if the Company File opens that way.

If it does, try Rebuilding the file to correct errors.
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Thanks for your answer.  I know how to do that for the Windows version, but not the Mac.  I tried

open -a "Quickbooks 2016" --args /nofile
open -a "Quickbooks 2016" --args nofile

And QB just complained that "nofile" wasn't a file.  However, it did skip the auto open and let me choose a company file.  The symptom was the same once I got my company file open.  

I don't know how to rebuild a qb2016 file (the Mac format of a QB company file.)
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OK. Thanks for the update.  So you got the file open - Good.

Now, there should be a File menu in QuickBooks (Even for MAC).  

Then in there is the Rebuild command. I would make a backup of the file before doing a Rebuild
Thanks, John!
You're right, John.  I found that option under File > Utilities > Rebuild Data

I'll go that route first, if this happens again.  I'll bet that would have worked.  Thanks again, sir!!
Thanks for the update