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Rohit Bajaj
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I need a GUI client for sftp on MAC.
I have downloaded cyber duck. And i could connect to a sftp machine with port 22.
But then i tried another machine with port 7122. It seems it doesnt have ability to handle this port.
Although i am able to connect if from terminal.
On cyber duck if i manually change the port to 7122 it doesnt work.
It throws the following error :
Please help in suggesting some way to connect to this through some GUI client.
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This stackexchange thread should more than answer your question about GUI programs for SFTP on Mac:
David FavorFractional CTO
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If you actually have...

1) sshd listening on port 7122

2) both local/remote sides of conversation have this port open

then your connection should work.

If port 22 works + port 7122 fails, then check for one of the 2x problems I listed.

You can also run nmap against your remote/server to ensure 7122 is actually listening correctly.

Of if all this makes your head spin, post the host or domain name of IP you're using for others to test for you. can already do this for you.

If ssh is already working for the command line in, then it should just work.  Cyberduck is/was the best of the GUI apps for mac for sftp, but I haven't touched it in a while, since I prefer the command line and I haven't had to support anyone that used it.
Prabhin MPDevOps Engineer
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is the port is opened the linux machine,
you can check this using telnet.
telnet IP 22

if it positive results, try ssh using terminal
if it works then try again in gui app.

let me know the outputs

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