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Connect with VB6 via FTP

Does anyone know of a free vb6 program that can connect to a remote source via ftp?

Thank you!
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Bob Schneider

8/22/2022 - Mon
Martin Liss

Well you or someone could write one.
David Favor

Best to just use your normal system FTP or SFTP client via your VB code, rather than trying to implement all plumbing required to implement the FTP/SFTP protocol.
Bob Schneider

I agree that writing one that uses an existing FTP client is the best approach if one doesn't already exist.  I found a nice TelNet program written in vb6 that I was able to modify and use...hoping for something similar for FTP. I did find some tutorials if I can't find something a little more "packaged" for me.

Thanks so much for your help (both of you), now and in past posts!
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William Peck
Mike Tomlinson

A couple billion years ago, I wrote a custom back-end utility for FTP using the Winsock control in VB6 (I'm not sure where the source code is now, it's buried somewhere on my hard drive I think).  It took months to complete and I was never really fully happy with it.  The main problem with FTP is that it was designed with HUMAN INTERACTION in mind; it was never really intended to be automated.  The "protocol" is merely a GUIDELINE in some cases, which means that the exact format returned by various FTP servers can actually vary; this makes parsing the return values a nightmare if you want to handle interaction with different FTP servers written by different companies.  In the end, my piece of software was only "rock solid" because I controlled the FTP server and knew exactly how it would respond to requests.  Technically speaking, coding active vs. passive mode was the most fun and rewarding aspect of the project; the rest was just tedious parsing and thinking about all the possible edge cases.
Bob Schneider

So here is specifically what I want to do...it's very focused:  I have a timing machine connected to my PC via an ethernet cable.  It has an SD Card with finishers data.  I live stream the results using the TelNet utility I created and that is working great.  However I have to disconnect from the PC to go get start times.  When I return I have to get those times from the file on the SD card.  I haven't tested this but I think TelNet will only get the data that comes in while connected, correct?  I won't retrieve data from when the system was disconnected.  That is why I need FTP.

I could access the SD card with a Micro USB but the system won't generate times while it is connected in that fashion.

Thank You!
Prabhin MP

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Bob Schneider

Thanks everyone.  I have made some progress and have some new questions.  I will post another question that is more focused on where I am right now.  Thanks so much!!!
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Did you get this solved ?  I do have a copy of the FTP using API written by MS from many years ago.
Bob Schneider

I have solved the problem but I would love to see what you have.  Thanks for the offer!!