Are there any auto deletion extensions or tools for Gmail that can help manage and maintain a clean gmail inbox.

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Does anyone know if there are any Gmail extensions that auto delete specific emails from specific senders after they have been read and sat for say 3-5 days in my inbox.....automatically. Like a rule sort of but runs to check the inbox for say a daily alert.
Here is an example I get a daily balance from my Wells Fargo accounts that say what my balance is or if there has been any activity.
is there a feature or extension that will look at emails from Wells Fargo that are either opened and sat in inbox for 3 or more days and delete them automatically.
Or If I watch the TV show Frontline on PBS and it tells me that a show is airing that night.
These kinds of emails are great. I just forget to delete many like them and they build up.
Also I noticed that some businesses or marketing emails from companies constantly send messages I do not need. EVEN AFTER SETTING THEM TO UNSUBSCRIBE OR PREFERENCES IN THE PROFILES THAT THEY BUILD...!
Is there a way to manage all that excess junk crap etc that just builds up.

I want to get to a place where all my emails I handled every day had a place for completed archived deleted or work still in progress. The big thing is to clean up else my Tiny Mind will get overloaded with junk and I will develop a brain fog I cannot navigate. Any good tools or extensions for gmail that do that. Primarily the auto delete part?
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You may have emails from specific senders that you want.

Use the subject or combination of the subject and sender in a Rule in Outlook to put the advertising emails in a separate folder. Group these folders together.  

Then delete the folder contents monthly (or whatever cycle).   One click to delete folder contents.
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Thanks John. If I had 15k I would pay you to take my certification test this weekend. Unfortunately, I do not have "Hollywood money". I'd pick you for the brains for sure. Fortunately, your ethics are far and above Hollywood. Thank you sir.
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Thank you for your gracious comments.  Much appreciated.,

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