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I have speakers plugged in and recognized because audio is playing out of them on the 3.5 mm audio (headphone) port on my windows 10 pro tab.  However these speakers are not appearing in the playback tab of the "Sound" setting of the control panel nor are they found in either "Sound, video, and game controllers" or "Audio inputs and outputs" of the control panel.

What is found under:

Audio inputs and outputs:
Microphone (Intel SST Audio Device (WDM))
Speakers (Intel SST Audio Device (WDM))

Sound, video, and game controllers:
Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)
Realtek I2S Audio Codec

Playback tab of the Sound setting in the control panel:
Speakers Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)
Default Device

Also, none of these settings change when these speakers are plugged into this 3.5 mm audio (headphone) port.

What I would like to do is, using Visual Basic 6.0,  when a command button is clicked (cmdSound1_Click()), have a message (msgbox) that reads simply if there is a device installed in this  3.5 mm audio (headphone) port.  For example "Hardware found in audio port" or "No Hardware found in audio port, please be sure that the speakers are powered on before trying again."
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In almost every laptop or tablet, the headphone/speaker jack is a make before break switch meaning that it physically disconnects any internal speakers before it starts playing out through the jack.  As such they are the same hardware and no detection is even attempted.
This is not true of desktop PCs which, with the advent of "high definition" audio, the hardware can sense the change in impedance and gives the user the option to choose what device was plugged in or a control applet which allows for changes.
I'm sorry; but there just isn't any hardware in most tablets to detect the use of the speaker/headphone jack.

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