Should I renew our asacert1 certificate

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I have to renew our asacert1 certificate on our Domain Controller and I'm sort of remembering that I had to do this for our onsite Exchange and Lync servers.  Since then, we've migrated to O365 for both.  Our email is in a hybrid setup but all mailboxes are now in the cloud.  Do I still need to renew the asacert1?
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Yes it is recommended to have exchange onpremise to manege O365 users so you need to renew the certificate. Autodiscover is still poinrting to onpremise on hybrid setup.
So to make it error free you need certificate in Exchange



Thanks MAS.  I appreciate the quick response.
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Yes since you still have the on-prem exchange server you will need to renew that cert and also re-run the Hybrid configuration wizard so that it picks up the new cert.

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