missing font in Illustrator CS3

Hello. I am using Illustrator CS3 on a Windows 10 system. I created an Illustrator file for a window decal a year or so ago, but we weren't ready yet to actually use the decal. I opened the Illustrator file today and got the dreaded "missing font" message. The font in question is Rochester-Regular, an OTF file. I looked in my system font file and only Adobe fonts were listed. (What happened to all my other files?!?! Did they disappear in a Windows upgrade?)

I went out on the internet, found the font file, and downloaded and installed it in the Windows font file and it shows up in the directory there.

Still does not show up in Illustrator. I tried using Find File in Illustrator to search the System fonts and the font was not found. I downloaded the font from a different website with the same result. I rebooted, still no luck.

In my research on the internet, one solution was to install the file in the directory Windows\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts. I did not have this subfolder, so I created it and copies the font into the new folder. This didn't work either.

If I open the file in Photoshop and Adobe Bridge, it displays correctly. The problem is that I need to send the AI file to a service provider for tweaking and printing.

How can I get this font to display in Illustrator?


Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Bakerexe asstAsked:
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Jackie ManCommented:
Illustrator CS3 on a Windows 10 system

Illustrator CS3 was outdated long long ago and was not supported for Windows 10.

If it is a one time file editing, download and install a trial for Illustrator CC 2018 to see whether your problem is gone.

Elizabeth Bakerexe asstAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Jackie Man, but this isn't much help. We live in the country with VERY slow internet (remember dial-up?) and cannot use cloud-based applications. Even trying to download the trial would take hours with many interruptions. We don't use Illustrator enough to warrant buying a current desktop version.
Jackie ManCommented:
In such case, you need to install Illustrator CS3 in a computer not running Windows 10.
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Elizabeth Bakerexe asstAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Jackie Man.

I don't have a non-Windows 10 computer nor do I have access to one. Not only that, I was using the same computer a year or so ago AND Illustrator CS3 when the font displayed just fine. There has to be another cause.

I just downloaded another otf font and it works fine, so it's not a Windows 10-Illustrator CS3 interaction.

I read that on a MAC you can delete a fonts cache, but I don't know if Windows has anything like that--never heard of one and couldn't find one just poking around in my OS.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Two thoughts:
First, fontpalace.com has three pages of Rochester fonts and matching a font name does not mean it is the same font!  Every publisher names their own fonts (really) whatever they choose to.
Second, even if you did find the font you are looking for, did it occur to you that you'll need to embed it within the illustration, convert it to curves, or send it to the service provider? (They'll need it, too)

Most of the Rochester fonts I saw were a Times Roman derivative and I would simply change the font to something you have available which is acceptable.

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Elizabeth Bakerexe asstAuthor Commented:
I still don't have an answer as to why Illustrator can no longer find a font it used to display perfectly, but life moves on.

Davis, I will take your advice and look for another font that will work for our decal.

Thanks to you both.

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