Setting up a multifactor authentication on the iPad using android phone


I have a iPad and I would like to set up a multifactor authentication on the iPad.
But I have a android phone. Please let me know if there is a way of setting this.

Any tutorial will be great.

Many Thanks
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Jackie ManCommented:
I have a iPad and I would like to set up a multifactor authentication on the iPad.

Do you mean that the user of your iPad needs to have two-factors authenication to logon before they can use your iPad?
lianne143Author Commented:
Sorry , the use has the ipad  and android phone and trying to set up multifactor authentication for her.
Jackie ManCommented:
The user wants to setup multiple authentication for her Google account by using the iPad?
Tiborg GuaranaIT beginsCommented:
If you want to add authentication for accessing your IPAD, I dont know of this option. To access it your options are passcode, fingerprint or face recognition. If you are talking about your apple ID however you can add your trusted phone number which is there to identify you identity when singing in.

Still not sure what you want. Take your time and state a proper info.
Jackie ManCommented:
Please provide feedback or it will be difficult for us to help you.
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