How to view all menu options that a user profile has access to?

Anthony6890 used Ask the Experts™
Hi, I was wondering if there was a command on the AS/400 where I can view all the options/menus that an individual has access to.  I need to ensure that another user that has already been setup, has the same access as another user.  I would just recopy the profile over; however, this user has already started to do work and I don't want to screw things up for them.

Any information would be appreciated.

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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

What kind of menus?  System menus?  Application menus?


Application menus.  They are basically looking to have the same functionality as it relates to option selections that the other user does.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

No way to tell from here.   Many third-party applications supply their own menu system, along with some internal mechanism for securing the application, including menu / menu option access.  

Is this a third-party application (and if so, what), or something homegrown?  

Does it use IBM i's native menu system, or is the menuing system part of the application?
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Application Consultant
If you not sure if it is a standard menu, post a screenshot of the menu and/or the call stackof your session while you are in a menu.

(CallStack is DSPJOB then option 11)
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant
If they are using OS security, then you probably.need to make the user members of the same group profiles and supplementary group profiles.  ChGUSRPRF.

If it is application menus, then you'll need someone who understands the menu system in that specific application to help you, or get a programmer to dig into it.

Theo's suggestion to look at call stack ( files, while you are at it) may yield some good clues.  Who knows, maybe you'll even find a program and or file that has MENU in the name or object description.
Hi, sorry for being delayed on my response. Internally, we found out we just have to look at the environment back end to see what an individual has access to through our manufacturing system.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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