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Access VBA to Change a Saved Query Filter Criteria

Hi Experts,

I am looking for a VBA codes of how to change a saved query criteria by button click from a form, button click is to open a report eventually.

Report's data source = Query1 with Field1, Field2.....etc is joined by Table1 and Table2.

Field2 in Query1 is a CheckBox from Table1.

I like to hv VBA codes on button click to replace Field2 query criteria from NULL(blank criteria) to -1 OR -1 to NULL(blank criteria) depends on user's discretion.

Can anyone shed some lights plz.

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Gustav Brock
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Save the query without the criteria.

Then run code:

Dim qd As DAO.QueryDef
Dim OldSql As String

Set qd = CurrentDb.QueryDefs("YourQueryName")
OldSql = qd.SQL 
' To filter for Null:
qd.SQL = OldSql & " Where Field2 Is Null"
' or, to filter for True:
qd.SQL = OldSql & " Where Field2 = True"

' Insert current code to open report

' Reset SQL.
qd.SQL = OldSql

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Thx for the reply, I ran the code with saved non criteria Query1, however there's this error message from access..

Run-Time error '3142'
Characters found after end of SQL Statement

thxUser generated imageUser generated image
Remove the trailing semicolon in the query's SQL.
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Seems it remained with the same compile error..

Here's my actual Query's SQL

SELECT [Applicant Details Q].ClientID, [Applicant Details Q].ClientName, [Applicant Details Q].ICNo, [Applicant Details Q].LoanCat, [Applicant Details Q].LoanDisburse, [Applicant Micro Credit Details].StartBusiness, [Applicant Micro Credit Details].BusinessExpansion, [Applicant Micro Credit Details].WorkingCapital
FROM [Applicant Details Q] INNER JOIN [Applicant Micro Credit Details] ON [Applicant Details Q].ICNo = [Applicant Micro Credit Details].ICNo

the [Applicant Details Q].LoanDisburse is the one I tried to set filter criteria with either True/-1(Show Loan Disburse) or blank(Show All - with or without Disburse) in Report.
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Gustav Brock
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Thx for pointing out the typo, works fine now.
Great! Thanks for the feedback.