Cant print after WIndows 7 to 10 upgrade

Cant print after upgrading Windows 7 to 10.  I have network printers and after upgrading two machines, neither can print.  Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times.  Other machines that were new installs of Windows 10 can print without issue.  So far the only thing i have been able to print is a pdf from Edge.  Test print fails although i do see the test page hit the queue momentarily before i get the failed to print message.  Please help.
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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Did you use the newest downloaded drivers?
jcorriganAuthor Commented:
yes and same drivers work on new installs.  just appears to be with an upgrade install
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
If you did the install option where you keep your files, it's probably a corrupt user profile issue. Try a new login on those upgrade install PCs and see if they can print. If so, rebuild those corrupt user profiles.
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jcorriganAuthor Commented:
so i can print PDFs and can print web pages from a browser but cant print from office 365 apps and cant print a test page from the printers properties.  test page fails to print every time.
jcorriganAuthor Commented:
william, i will try that in just a moment.  Office is doing a repair install right now
jcorriganAuthor Commented:
its not the user profile.  created a new one and got the same results.  test page wont print and cant print from office but can print PDFs
jcorriganAuthor Commented:
another interesting tidbit.  after a reboot, the first thing i send will print, even a test page or something from notepad.  after that, back to just pdfs and webpages, etc.  i have disabled everything at startup, removed all AV software.
It really does sound like a printer driver issue. Maybe when you remove/re-install, it's not removing the driver completely?

Try this - go to Run and type in Print Management (that exact phrase) and it should pop up an entry pretty quickly that looks like a wrench behind a printer. Run that.

In the window that pops up, go to the "All Drivers" folder, and then right-click on the printer drivers related to the printers with issues and choose to Remove Driver Package. After removing the driver, make sure the printer is removed from the All Printers folder in that same popup, and then once it's all clear, then go ahead and reinstall the drivers.
jcorriganAuthor Commented:
that particular driver package wont uninstall.  It is assigned by gpo but it works just fine on every other Win 10 machine i have.  I am currently running a reset on one of the two machines, keeping the files but resetting everything else to see what happens.  This is not ideal but i need this resolved by morning for one laptop so i am giving it a shot.  i know a clean install works, just trying to avoid that.right now.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can't print after upgrading Windows 7 to 10. …  Other machines that were new installs of Windows 10 can print without issue

Windows 7 is old enough that upgrades are now by no means assured.

1. Run a Windows 10 Repair Install and keep everything.

Windows 10 is running, so click on the Download button (not Upgrade Button, select Save.
Create a USB Windows Installation key and then run Setup on the USB Key.
This will launch the Repair and proceed normally

If that fails, run the Repair again and Keep ONLY Data.  Then install the printers again and check and then install your applications

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jcorriganAuthor Commented:
the reset pc option worked and can print as normal but it of course blew all my programs off so i have to reinstall all that.  Trying a repair install as suggested on the other machine to see if it works and retains all the programs.  will update once that is complete
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks and please keep us posted
jcorriganAuthor Commented:
repair install didnt work.  having to do the reset pc again
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks. I think that is because of some software.

A reset wipes out the computer.

If you have Data you wish to keep, you can do a Repair install and keep just data. If no data (all on server) then just proceed with a fresh install.
jcorriganAuthor Commented:
the reset pc option lets me keep all my files but it blows off all the apps and the windows.old folder as well.  wish i knew what the culprit was.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
There is some older or conflicting software (or some way it was originally installed)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks and good luck with your upgrade project
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