How to build large C Sharp codebase in Visual Studio?

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I used open source Packet Capture(Pcap) and Wireshark to view video sent by USB Device.  The device sends 512 Bytes packet about every 200 us.  It's a composite device class.  It's a virtual port and bulk video.  Each monochrome raw frame is 640 x 480.

There is a GUI tool that runs in windows that extracts video from this USB device and plays video on the PC.  The company who wrote this GUI tool gave us the source code.  I opened this source code into Visual Studio 2017 Professional version without creating a solution or project.  There are Sixteen projects in this codebase.

The code is in C Sharp.  How do I find out if this codebase will build?  I didn't see any makefiles in this codebase.  Do I need to make any changes to build it?  Do I build project at a time?  How to find out if it's complete solution or just libraries?
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Do I need to make any changes to build it?
Only if it doesn't compile.

Do I build project at a time?
Click the Build Menu, and then "Rebuild Solution".

How to find out if it's complete solution or just libraries?
You could right-click each project in the solution, and then go to "Properties". On the "Application" tab, if it says "Output Type" of "Class Library", then it's a library. A WinForms project will have an "Output Type" of "Windows Application"...I don't remember what a WPF application shows. A console application will have an output type of "Console Application".


From the folder structure I can tell they are all libraries.

From Solution Explorer - Folder View, I right clicked on one of the projects, but there was no "Properties" option?


Accurate solution.  As a result, I was able to build the libraries.

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