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I had this question after viewing NAS drive recommendation.

I'm looking for NAS recommendations. We currently have 2 Seagate NAS OS 4 NASes. They work quite well as long as they are on the same site we are backing up data from. However, we had one at a remote site so we could use it for offsite storage. However, we ran into an issue with the NAS throttling down during transfer. This would cause the transfer to take to long to complete. I wanted to buy another one but want to make sure not to run into the same issue.

Which NAS do you recommend? We will be looking to purchase one that will hold at least 8TB's of data and use Raid 6.
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It is my experience that this throttling has nothing to do with your NAS but is located elsewhere in the network chain.

In a typical network, each location has its network connection to the others through routers. When network packets cross routers, latency influences network performance.

Network bandwidth and latency, TCP retransmissions, link errors and duplex mismatches can limit the overall backup/restore performance.

Latency in an IP network can cause unacceptable levels of performance. It is essential to understand the factors that contribute to latency, in an attempt to minimize them as much as possible.
We use Synology NAS devices and have 2 bay up to data center size devices.  These are rock solid for us, very automated and easy to manage.
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Synology RAIDs are a little unique.  Check out the RAID calculator for planning.
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Take a look at this currently active question as well, some good info there:

Need a recommendation on a good NAS

As I mentioned there, I use Synology and have been very satisfied with it...

Donna JohnsonAsst. Systems Manager


Thanks guys for all the information.

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