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How to add hard drives and expand volume on Dell PowerVault MD3220i without downtime

We currently have Dell PowerVault MD3220i in our office. It's setup with two Dell PowerEdge R620 servers in a fail-over cluster configuration.
We purchased the PowerVault with only half of the disk slots occupied. I recently purchased 12 more drives in order to expand the volume capacity.
I've been told that this is a seamless process which should not incur any downtime. I have looked at the owner's manual but don't find the instructions to be clear.

Does anyone have a set of clear step-by-step instructions on how to add additional hard drives and expand the volume on the PowerVault MD3220i using the Dell Management software without any downtime?

Great appreciated!!
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Which RAID controller (H810)? What RAID level? How many Virtual Disks? How many Virtual Disks across disk group(s)?
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I am not sure about some of questions you are asking but I have attached a text file that I have exported which should contain all the info you need.

It is on pages 101 of the MDSM user manual

Physically add them
Add unassigned physical disks a disk pool:
1.In AMW, select the Storage & Copy Services tab.   AWM=(array management window)
2.Select the disk pool.
3.From the menu bar, select Storage → Disk Pool → Add Physical Disks (Capacity).
 Follow the add disk wizard to select the disks you added.

Either create a new LUN or if you want to extend a current LUN then use page 106 assuming it is thin provisioned.

If it is not thin provusioned then you have to use the cli as far as I remember.

What RAID level are you currently using?
Hi Andyalder,

I have the MD3220i Owner's manual but I don't have the MDSM user manual.

Do you have a digital copy you can send me?

I believe it's RAID 5.
I think it's the same manual, link at

12 disks is far too many for RAID 5, you need double parity RAID 6 at the very least. There's a section about migrating RAID levels around about page 100-110 too.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Are you saying that I cannot add these additional 12 hard drives to the existing 12 unless I upgrade the RAID?

I believe we have 2 RAID controllers...does that make a difference?

No, I'm saying there is a high chance of a double disk failure with RAID 5 and the risk increases the more disks you add to the disk group. it possible to upgrade the RAID level without downtime?
yes. It takes quite a long time as all the data gets shuffled from dusk to disk but does not need downtime and priority is given to serving the data. It may be possible to add the disks and migrate RAID level in one step, I'll look it up tomorrow.
Hi Andyalder,

Just following up.

Do you know if it's possible to migrate the RAID level and add disks in one step?

Also, does having two controller cards change anything?

Thank you
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This is great!!

Do you know approximately how long "Takes ages" is?
In your estimation, are we talking hours or days?

This is a very critical live system. What are my options in terms of cancelling the process in case something goes wrong?

Sorry, I don't know how long. probably about a day but it is done in background so it depends how much host I/O there is.
The operation cannot be cancelled.
Hi Andyalder,

Everything went perfectly smooth thanks to your direction!!

Thank you so much!!
How long did it take as a matter of interest?