Is a character that looks similar to a Star Wars character a legal predicament, no-no?


What do you think of me having in my game, a character with a sword, in a black cloth suit, just like Anakin on Mustafar, but he is called Pepe the Swindler? with a colorful sword?
How could Disney / LFilm kill me? I know them, they'd murder me. You can not copyright a story. How about a giant droid thing slightly similar to  general grievous? if I called him unpleasant robot.
There is fair use for situations like this, but does Disney / LF care?

beavoidSelf EmployedAsked:
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Patents and Copyrights is one of the favorites stories in TV series with lawyers and i don't think its by accident....because it boils down to the most important your game somehow manages to become a major hit everyone would like to have a cut, so the easiest way would be to claim that your character was a resemblance of a famous character and your game became major hit because the players thought they were playing this one character....and the trial begins..
The easy/hard decision...just make your characters totally unique.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
For legal advice on copyright infringement, you have to see a copyright lawyer -- not just any lawyer, one who actively practices in copyright and "intellectual property" -- pose them a specific situation, and then pay them big money.

But that opinion is that, only an opinion, and you can very easily end up defending a copyright lawsuit brought by a company with millions of dollars to spend.  They have big money and bottomless pockets when it comes to defending what they think is theirs.  E.g., "don't mess with the Mouse."

So:  As John says, make your characters completely unique.  Even then, be prepared to defend infringement lawsuits anyway because copyright trolls will sue over anything they think you'll settle rather than fight.

If your game looks anything like going commercial you will have to see a copyright lawyer anyway.  Better sooner than later.

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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
That is why all my in game characters are going to be stick figures.... F U Copyrights... xD n F U Trolls...
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an orphan extraterrestre from a dead planet sent on planet earth to save humanity : Superman or Son Goku ?
the two stories are so close and no copyright issue
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Superman was sent to save the earth... Goku was sent to destroy the earth ;)
beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
Damn, I wanted an Alita vs Rey section.
Oh, well
my bad Chinmay ! :o(
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
my bad Chinmay ! :o(

I got carried away a bit.. I don't think Superman can hold a candle to Goku :P
PS: *Takes a defensive stance... and waits*
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