How can I build an automated test for a website that uses Kerberos authentication?

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I need to write down automated tests for a website.

There are countless tools / frameworks but before even starting I need to understand how to tackle the authentication challenge.

The website has automatic authentication using Windows Domain (Kerberos) but I don't know how I can use a test tool and allow a specific domain user to be the one running the test (and, therefore, the browser).

Can you maybe provide a solution or point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your help and patience.
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authentication usually means you have to add an http header entry
X-auth: with encoded string.when using http authentication.

You are focused on the interaction.
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Here is something that might help you
Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer

How is this automation setup? Is it locally run, in the cloud somewhere, on a server, or what?

If it's locally run then it's pretty much going to be the same as controlling a local web browser. It should have the same IP address etc, same ability to login, etc. Automation just tells a web browser what to do. Depending on the framework you may or may not see it happen, but there's at least an invisible browser being used during the tests.


Good point @brandon

But my question would then be how can I tell the browser used in the test to impersonate a specific domain user.

Thanks for everyone's input on the topic.

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