How can i add a Published App to 2012 RDS farm to sends users to load-balanced host server desktops?

Jody Davis
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We have a 2012 R2 RDS farm created by someone that left the company and wrote nothing down. i have created a new RDS farm similar to our existing one, with published apps and everything. However, our current farm he created has a published app that is actually the link to our rds host servers - select that "published app" and it takes you to a desktop selected from our load-balanced RDS servers. <pic of link is attached>

This is NOT in the published apps portion of that collection on the broker. This is being configured somewhere else. I assume in a config file on the web server? How can i recreate that for the new Farm?  I cannot use a regular published app mstsc because it needs to be load balanced between multiple servers, you don't get that option in a regular published app and that's NOT how it's configured currently in our production farm. There is no entry in a GPO to do this other than to say "load balance the servers". How can i create that so users can select it and be placed into a rdp load balanced desktop between host servers?  I can't find a walkthrough on line to do this. Please help.
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Published apps are load balanced across servers in the collection by default. The reason there is no setting to do so is because it is assumed.  That's why the "collection" thing exists. That's the set of serves that is load balanced.
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Thank you, but that's not what i'm asking - i understand how published apps work. As the attachment shows, i have a published app tha is actually a rdp load balanced to all my host servers that is NOT configured in the typical published app area on the rds broker - this published rdp app is configured somewhere else and when selected provides a desktop environment that is load-balanced across all 4 of my host servers - it redirects your desktop to the last host server used or another host server if the original host server isn't available.

please assist in how this is configured so i can replicate it on my new farm. again, it is NOT configured in the normal published app location on the broker - it is configured somewhere else. thanks.
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then this app would be mstsc.exe /v:<connection broker>  i.e. mstsc.exe /
create this shortcut or a batch file and then add this to the collection.
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I figured it out. It's a registry hack to allow a RDP icon to leverage the host servers as a RDS farm along with having published apps in the same GUI. Thanks everyone.

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