Recommendations for a large touch screen monitor

I have a client that wants to use a large (>48" ) touch screen monitor as part of his presentations. He is the COO of the company and is in charge of all the project managers.

It would be a large wall mounted unit. He wants to be able to have it access files on the company servers. He wants to be able to display an EXCEL spreadsheet, among other file types and be able to move 'cell' contents around as the projects move forward.

I would be able to set up the computer its connected to and and the monitor itself, but am unsure what would be a reliable product for this use case.

Can you recommend a monitor that would full fill these requirements?
Richard SchiererMemberAsked:
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Richard SchiererMemberAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses MLV CM. My COO has several Project Managers through out our very large building. He is looking for something that he can bring up an excel spreadsheet that has projects and due dates. He wants to be able to hold a meeting in his office and be able to use his finger or a touch pen to open a 'cell' and update it or to move it to another due date if supplies are not going to arrive on time.

He needs to be able to integrate these touch screens into the company's LAN so that he can pull up various files and work with them. We are using Windows 10 .

This unit might need to access the network via wireless or hard wire, as the stand that they want to put it on can be moved from conference room to maybe even used at trade shows or on-site at clients to give presentations. This last part is not definite, but I have worked with them long enough to try to have all their questions answered before they are asked.
thanks again.
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MLV CMCommented:
We use the screens for users to input data into a HMI (Human Machine Interface) running on a server in a remote data center.  Each touchscreen is hooked to a HP mini PC mounted on the back of the touchscreen running Windows 7 which is wired to the LAN.  We also have a cordless keyboard, cordless mouse, touch pen for the users to input data.  Using your finger often does not work as you would like it to.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Do be aware that such a large touch screen must be carefully cleaned before and after each presentation.  Touch screens become grubby in short order with human skin oils and whatnot, and nobody will agree to wearing gloves while doing a presentation.

If the touch screen is glossy, any fingerprint on it will be evident and distracting.  If the touch screen is non-glare, the image will be somewhat blurry.

Anyone standing in front of a touch screen waving their hands around looks silly, blocks the audience's view and distracts from the presentation.  Perhaps a demonstration of that would change the requester's mind.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
In this scenario he doesn't need a touch screen just mirror his computer's screen to this large display screen. If you look at most video presentations that's what they do.. Standing in front of a screen makes for the user being a very good door but a horrible window. A lot of presenters use zoomit to make things more visible.
Richard SchiererMemberAuthor Commented:
From what I have read from the posts above, Having a 'large' screen touch screen is probably not the 'best' scenario. Would a 'white board' be a better choice? I really have no personal experience with either. This is a new project for me and I thank everyone for the 'minor' inconveniences that we would only find out about after the purchase. I guess from your responses, the 'best' solution would be a laptop connected to a large display, with the presenter working from the laptop off to the side. Is there anything else you can suggest? The company does use Skype for Business with it being extensively integrated into our phone system and outlook.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
If you are presenting via skype then the size of the screen is irrelevant the user can either scale the display or use the presenters display size  1920x1080 is about the maximum you'd want to use on the presenters machine. If you are presenting in a conference room to many attendees that need to see the display (offline) then the larger the display the better or have several displays. Check out the smart board from samsung  you can see the presenter is blocking the screen in some of the scenarios.

Having been at several conferences the presenter is usually off to the side of the main screen and the output from their computer/laptop is sent to the screen. Some conferences they send the screen via skype so that the attendees can view the screen on their device.

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Richard SchiererMemberAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your insightful posts. Have a great week!
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