Is hacking on io phone games a problem yet?

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If I am going to focus on phone / io games, I'd like to know about security issues like hacking, which is unavoidable w online games. I created a successful Authoritative Java RTS server. It could not be hacked. has all game data local..  Are people messing around with slither, etc?

Surely, if they start my game from an io site - or on my business hosting private server, it is my official client code. - it is not their hack. Now they can hack my game variables, but can they simply make a map hack? Must I still have an authoritative server? I read that some games are just clients - update each other on all activity, no in-game server, just clients.

Is hacking something I ned to be vigilant about, yet?

Will it ever be?
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If it's on your server you control the access.  If the information is on the client then the client can modify it at will. what you can do is crc check your data on the device and if there is a mismatch then refuse to start or encrypt what is stored on their phone. Is this slow down needed or just something that you'd like to have.  A game is a game. we're not talking about missile launch codes here.
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I get the point!
...My game is on the server for this reason..

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