Better signal strength for Verizon mifi hotspot

We have a job office that is in an area that can’t get Internet service directly into the office. We have provided them with a MiFi hotspot and they say the service is not acceptable. They also say that the cell phone coverage in the area is pretty good so I am curious on why the Internet service is not. The question I have is :  Is there anything that can be done to strengthen the signal of the MiFi or are there any other ways that I could get a better signal strength in this situation?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Probably not. I have used these and I have a HUAWEI USB cellular stick. You get whatever the signal in the specific area is. And the Mi-Fi device may not work precisely like a cell phone.

You need to check in with the ISP Support to see if they can help
mkramer777Author Commented:
You said check in with the ISP support. Verizon is the cell phone carrier and provider of the MiFi. What can they do for me?
Is it clear that the issue is with the MiFi connecting to the cell tower and not devices connecting to the MiFi?

Assuming it is, there are ways to improve cell connections, but they tend to be expensive.  The approach is to have a directional antenna where the cell signal is tolerable (usually at the top of the building), cable it to a local amplifier, then have a local antenna to repeat the signal in both directions.  Reasonable systems run roughly $1k.

Is there any monitoring system in the MiFi device that will let you see what it is measuring as to the strength of the cell signal?  If so, use it to see if there is some advantage to different placement of the device.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Verizon is the cell phone carrier and provider of the MiFi. What can they do for me?

They should be able to test the output of the device and tell you if it is working within specification. If so, nothing you can do with it. If not, then Verizon should replace it.
MLV CMCommented:
We had a site using something like a MIFI hotspot inside the building and the cellular signals were not as good once they had to penetrate the building skin.  You can consider a Cradlepoint with external antenna but they are expensive and now require purchase of a support agreement.  We found an awesome company which offers AT&T, Verizon, and Tmobile.  The gear is cheap and you can get dual external antennas.  We pay $99 a month for unlimited AT&T cellular service.  I would avoid repeating the cellular signals and focus on getting external antennas outside to pick up the best native cellular signals.  Here is the link to the MOFI router

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