How to See DMARC Monitoring Results

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In the Microsoft article covering implenting DMARC for Office 365 (here) the section about setting up a monitoring record states:

"Start with a simple monitoring-mode record for a sub-domain or domain that requests that DMARC receivers send you statistics about messages that they see using that domain. A monitoring-mode record is a DMARC TXT record that has its policy set to none (p=none)....

...You can easily see how much of your legitimate traffic is or isn't covered by them, and troubleshoot any problems. You'll also begin to see how many fraudulent messages are being sent, and from where."

But nowhere does it say how you would see these reports?  Do they bounce back to the original sender?  Is there somewhere in O365 admin these can be viewed?

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When you configure your DMARC record, you specify an URI where reports should be sent to. This can basically be any address, and you simply open the reports that are being sent to said address and analyze them. Or if you prefer, you can use third-party services that specialize in the analysis process.

Microsoft/Office 365 DOES NOT serve as an analyzer and offers no features to help you with the process, it's all up to you. Read the DMARC documentation if you have additional quesitons.


Thanks for your help.

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