Can you identify this ON/OFF switch to find a replacement component?

Jack McKenzie
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My USB Audio Recorder has an ON/OFF switch which broke and needs to be replaced. The replacement should ideally be the same type of switch. From the photos, do you know what this switch is or which component could replace it?

Photo 1 
Photo 2

I do not know the vendor of the USB recorder. It seems like a generic white label device that's sold by different re-sellers. A user manual is available from multiple brands, for example:

I have not found a vendor, hence I do not know the type of the switch they've used.

The switch has only 2 positions: ON vs OFF. When it's ON, the device will be on and recording. When it's off, the device stops recording and records can be accessed via USB. Now, when the switch is broken it's mechanically damaged and the device is always in the recording mode.

The product, whose vendor is unknown to me, is for example on amazon:
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I can't recommend a specific replacement, but you likely can find one at

Are you trying to repair it to keep using it or just to retrieve the recordings?  If it is the latter, you should be able to remove the switch and jumper it (if it is even needed) into the "off" mode.

If you want to keep using it, what is the cost of replacing the whole device?

thats a DIP Side Switch... you can find differen pin models.. i.e 4 pin, 3, pin, 6 pin.... etc
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Micro Miniature PCB Slide Switch - you need the three pole version*.
It would be useful to see the other side of the board but there should be three spots for the electrical connection and four (one in each corner of the swtich) retaining it in place (unless it's simply glued to the board).

*There's also a possibility this is a 4 pin switch with pin 2 removed - hence the uneven distance between the pins.  Can't see that from the image :(

Have a hunt here.  If you know the switch is the problem, remove it and post some close-ups if you need more help with the ID.
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Thanks for the cues and hints in your answers. Based on them, I found the exact component:
The vendor is UXcell.
It's called "2 Position 7 Pins 1P2T SPDT Horizontal Mini SMD SMT Slide Switch"
Model Number: a13071200ux0491

Now that the question has a verified solution:). My advice is to dump that device and buy a new one since the old one doesn't have a valuable data on them (it kept on recording overwriting what ever is there).
The price of a new one is relatively cheap compared to the repair cost (switch price is almost $6, while a new recorder can be as low as $10)

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