Windows error on an SSD drive

I have a new laptop computer with M.2 SSD drives.  The attached pictures show the errors that occurred in the past two weeks.  I’m wondering what this means and was this related to an update or do I have something wrong with my drive?
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Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
Well it looks like there are some significant problems with the computer.
Most likely hardware issues.
Depending on what make or model of computer, you should be able to press a certain key during startup, and run the manufacturers built in hardware diagnostics.
Like on a Dell, press F12, then select diagnostics.
Or on an HP, press Escape, and then go to diagnostics.
Seem like all manufacturers use different methods or keystrokes.
Check your manual or call tech support, sounds like a problem that might need factory remedy.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Look in the event logs first and see what Windows has logged.  With errors of this severity there should be some entries in the event logs.  Best to start with information about the errors if there is any to be had, rather than shoot in the dark.
connect the SSD to a working system, and post the dmp file here ; you find it in window\minidumps
you can also try updating all drivers for your pc - post the model plse - and start with BIOS
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AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
It's not a big issue, it's a driver issue

1.      Navigate to Control Panel, Hardware, and Sound and Device Manager.
2.      Open the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers section.
3.      Select the controller that says ‘SATA AHCI’, right click and select Properties.
4.      Select the Driver tab and Driver Details. Make sure the driver is ‘iastor.sys’. If it is, carry on. If it isn’t, try another or move on to the next step.
5.      Select Update Driver Software, Browse, and Let me Pick from a list of devices.
6.      Select ‘Standard SATA AHCI Controller’ from the list and install.,news-57606.html

there you go :-)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have seen the second screenshot (blue Windows screen) and it may be driver (as per above) or the drive may be bad.

I have a new laptop computer with M.2 SSD drives.  <-- How new?    Send it back and get a new one.

Otherwise, update BIOS from a bootable USB key, see if it starts, and then update all drivers.  If it will not boot after this, try the Dell USB Recovery USB and reinstall Windows.  If that does not work, the SSD is bad.
al4629740Author Commented:
That’s amazing that it could be the SSD.  I would think that would be a tiny probability
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I agree about the low probability of the SSD drive failing.

So you need to try BIOS (can do that without the machine restarting).

OR, reinstall the OS.
al4629740Author Commented:
This is an XPS fully loaded from end of last year
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have seen this error only a couple of times, and the way out was to re-install the OS.  I hope you have a backup
al4629740Author Commented:
Yep I agree.
can you post the dmp file?
al4629740Author Commented:
Here is the dump file
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Bugcheck 0x133 implicates bad drivers

Did you try updating BIOS to see if you can get the machine started to update all other drivers?
al4629740Author Commented:
I will do so now
al4629740Author Commented:
btw, the machine has been starting fine.  The error I received in those earlier posts happened twice in two weeks.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Then go to the manufacturer's Support site and see if you can update Chipset and all drivers

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you and good luck with your machine
it reports a video driver  as cause
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