Getting a Freelancer for my phone game project - a plan ? any advice?

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i) Many of you know that I am working on getting my phone game IDE setup working. I have my first potentially very good ideas to play with/test.
I received excellent advice to make the game in Java first to know exactly what I'm trying to do, so I'm ready. It's working in a Javax JFrame. (thanks a lot - got my mind right)
I have been studying Javascript, some iOS, a look at some c# pages, Xcode pages..

ii) I am not getting it done as quickly as I hoped..I have so many questions every minute, u know how it goes..
Do you think it could be a plan to ask a Freelancer to completely help set me up, maybe over the phone? Ability to make games on any, every device, browser? I prefer back and forth banter, not sporadic articles. too much waiting. I need some first downs.
How many languages, SDK's and devices are there to accommodate me in this situation, have to learn? What did the or dudes do? Javascript!? How did they cover everything, all devices!? iPhones need special features. What else?  J2ME is a bust, so I need a new angle. The dudes made an iPhone app! Also Android App? Windows phone?

iii) I have access to one of Godaddy's private professional servers. - got major repeat customer credits for an appealing price for 10 years in. I hope it will serve the potential max players well. non VPN (can be clogged) Can I expect this to serve my players as well as and  do?

Freelancer a plan?
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Freelancers are always a plan... but what you're describing is not a freelancer. It sounds like you're actually looking for a paid consultant and/or mentor.

You might run into resistance (in the form of non-response) from "freelancers" unless you are very clear about what you are trying to accomplish. Why? Because you are effectively asking someone to share their "secret sauce" with you. Hence why you want a person who knows exactly what you are contracting them to do from day one... and that they are cool with that.

It shouldn't be hard to find someone who will willingly help you get going for free if you connect with your local game developer user group community. But those in-depth discussions about the subjects you listed? Whomever you talk to is likely going to want some type of compensation. If for nothing else it'll be for the opportunity cost they'll incur while talking with you. Note that this could end up simply being a dinner or a round at a bar.

I've engaged with my local developer communities -- of various topics -- all the way from hovering peripherally to deep participation or almost 15 years now. In my experience, these fine folks network, assist and collaborate with each other all the time.

Good luck!
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The nice thing about is that they organize jobs to ensure it is attended to as stated.

The freelancer only receives payments after "milestones" are achieved,

eg 1) device interaction and game setup on all devices.
2) Movement of game_objects, as allowed by my game-server, on all devices, browsers.

3) Working setup of my java in-game server in my private business server.

So, if they want their money, they cant abandon my specified needs.
Relying on random acquaintances is not a reliable resource for every problem possible that happens in order to achieve a definite goal, when a freelancer has to do it correctly.
I appreciate your input. Any other thoughts?
Nope, sounds like you already have a good basis for moving forward. Wishing you success!
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