vCenter HA

We have two separate sites, and they are linked with a high-speed network. Site A has a Vcenter version 6.X with vDS and Site B has vCenter 6.5  U2 with vDS. I am palming to upgrade both sites with vCenter 6.7, and I am thinking of implementing vCenter HA to manage both locations.
Let me describe my environment
Site A
VCSA6.* with Embedded PSC ,  srva.mydomain.local
vDS switches for the iscsi, virtual network,vmotion
Esxi mgmt network 192.168.3*
vCSA is in virtual network 10.10.1.*
Site B
vCSA 6.5 U2 with Embedded PSC, srv2.mydomaon.local
vDS switches for SCSI, VMotion, virtual network.
ESxi mgmt network 192.168.2.*
vCSA is in virtual network 10.50.1.*
I want to make one vCenter (Site A) as active and should include both sites A and Site B ESXi hosts in a separate cluster (cluster A and Cluster B) and make Site B as passive. Is it possible to do?
I have been reading about HA and Enhanced link mode etc, but they all talking about keeping the HA in one site.
I can not find the answer.
Can someone shed me some light and help me on this if it is possible?
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Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
VCHA (vCenter HA) is a vcenter feature. If you have two vCenters, you can enable it on both however the requirement is you need to have three ESXi hosts in the cluster and compatible datastores.

VCHA is introduced in 6.5 so you can go to 6.7 and then enable VCHA on each vcenter. IT IS PER VCENTER CONFIGURATION. You can enable it on both provided you are on above VCSA 6.5. You cannot make both vCenters use one as active and other as passive.

Current vCenter clones another two vCenters, out of them one acts as passive and another is witness. So for both vCenters, you have 4 more (2 passive, 2 witness) machines created.

Ensure you have that much storage space, compute, memory space is available in your environment

VCHA requirements link below
sara2000Author Commented:
My aim is to bring both sites under one vCEnter view and also maintain the HA for that vCenter. Can it be done? Mu understanding from above i  you suggest to run two vCenter and maintain HA for each and It is the only  option has left for me?
Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
There are two asks from the above:

Bring both vCenters under one webclient -> Which is Enhance linked mode (only requirement for this is to have same SSO domain)

Both vCenters can show under same webclient if they are in linked mode but they have to have their own respective HA.

You end up having two vCenters in linkedmode and their respective passive and witness nodes. This is the only option for now.

Linked mode screenshot example
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sara2000Author Commented:
Would you mind to shed light on this please?

"Both vCenters can show under same webclient if they are in linked mode but they have to have their own respective HA"
Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
You need to create respective VCenters HA.


VC1 and VC2

VC1 has vc1-passive and vc1-witness created in the environment and
VC2 has vc2-passive and vc2-witness created in the environment

Two vcenters, two VCHA should be created.
sara2000Author Commented:
If i understood correct ly, we will not be able view multiple vcenter servers without link mode which requires HA?
Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
ha is different to linked mode..  If you want both centres in webclient, it has to be in linked mode.. ha has to be implemented later on each vcenter respectively
sara2000Author Commented:
Sorry, I meant vcenter High availability (HA). I already have two vCenter servers with its own embedded PSC so i can not join the second vCEnter with existing SSO Domain of first vCenter.
I do not know the upgrade will have an option.

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