Are you able to install the OS on if you don't have all the licenses per core

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We are about to setup a new server. the Server has 24 cores. we purchased 1 16 core license and 4-2 core licenses.

we only have the 16 core license right now and the other 8 are on back-order.  

Can we still setup the server with the 16 cores license for now. or do we have to wait for the other 8 before we start the install.
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Most products with per-core licensing will work + just use number of cores related to the license, leaving other cores unused.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer
Windows doesn't know how many cores you have licensed. It only knows if you have valid activation. It will use all cores. Having the correct number of licensing for your cores is on the honor system until you get audited.
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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and the other 8 are on back-order

Well that's interesting. Didn't know it was possible to run out of printed sheets of paper. But yeah. The other answers explain it. Windows doesn't track license validity outside of activation (unless you're working with RDS CALs, which are tracked with the licensing role), so if the server is activated, you're good as long as you have proof of purchase for the licenses.
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I have never heard of Volume Licenses being back ordered.  You ARE buying Volume Licenses, right?  You don't enter a special license key - Windows should work just fine.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer
I have never heard of a Microsoft product working the way David described in terms of licensing and using cores.


Thanks for all your help!!!

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