Exchange 2016 with Windows XP and Outlook 2010

I have some Win XP machines that are used for connection to an older ERP. They use Outlook 2010 with all the latest updates. We were on an Exchange 2013 email platform and it was working. Our email provider recently migrated to Exchange 2016 and now the Windows XP computers cannot connect. When adding a new profile and connecting as an Exchange over https client, an error is received that 'must be connected or online'. We have run the commands on the server to specify the certificate used for connection, but this has not resolved the issue. Is there any other options for settings on the computer or the server that may help?
Thank you
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
What you have is too old for Exchange 2016 and it is not going to work. You need to upgrade your systems to newer operating systems and Office.

This may well mean upgrading the ERP which you should do anyway.
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:

Windows XP is not secure at all and not supported for connecting to Exchange 2016.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I dearly love XP and I use it on all my machines, but

a) Microsoft will make you buy something newer when they can do so,
b) SMB V1 is insecure and makes your entire network insecure.

Migrating to Windows 7 32-bit is the closest platform that is still reasonably compatible with XP.  The cheapest way to do that is to go to your local computer recycler, tell them "I need <x> Windows 7 Pro computers, COA on the box, all working, all identical, preferably Dell, with or without drives, BIOS revision not important, and I will give you $30 each."

Then install clean W7 from the Dell Skylake kit available on the internet.
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