How to configure HP Laptop to Network PXE Boot

Richard Schierer
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I work in a corporate environment. I am based in the USA, corporate IT is in Germany. They image all of our computers via Matrix42. We have received a batch of new HP Elitebook 850 G5 laptops. I have them on our network and powered on. I have accessed the BIOS via F10 and have found that the PXE boot is enabled, but Germany does not see it. When the laptop boot, normally I would see the startup screen indicating IP addresses, DHCP info, etc. With the new batch, all I see is 'Protected by HP Secure Start'. I have access to the internet, so I know I am on the network. I can run IPCONFIG /all and see all my network info.

How do I configure this laptop for Network PXE boot?

Thanks in advance.
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You'd need to enter into the BIOS of the computer and Search for the option there.

In case you don't have access to the BIOS or if it's password protected, It won't be possible to do it.
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Commonly, your us based DHCP server has to publish the requisite options 68 and 66 if not mistaken.
1) the pxe gets an ip and a path
2) the two option provide the tftp host and the file to get things started

Once pxe completes the above, it should be in a position to pull the image.

Presumably, you are working on this in a "lab"
Make sure the network where you are doing this has a path to the source of image.

Is this a new setup, or you are new and the documentation is lacking, missing?

You should have a DHCP server.
A tftp server serving up the initial boot that then retrieves data from ...
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I had to go into the bios and change the Secure boot config form Legacy Support disabled and secure boot enabled to Legacy support enabled and secure boot disabled  and then change the boot order. when I restarted it showed the black screen and the regular startup screen that we are used to seeing. The laptop now sees our Matrix42 management services server. Germany immediately responded that they could now see it and started to run the scripts that will re-image it..

Than you both for your input. Even though you didn't hit the nail on the head, you gave me enough info to find the solution that worked.
Richard SchiererOwner & Chief Technologist


Thank you Jose and arnold for the help in figuring this out.

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