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I have a SQL Server that houses a small db for about 20 users. I am by no means a DBA. I am currently using Datto to do image level backups every hour. The server has 2 Drives that are mirror running server 2008 and SQL 2008 and 8 GB of Ram. I would like to know what other tasks i should be doing to make sure the DB is healthy. Also i would like to know if there is a way to monitor its performance to make sure its running at its best.
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Have you ever tested restoring from an image that you took. That's probably as important as taking the image. Is the database setup for full recovery or Simple. I'd recommend that you don't use simple and that you backup (SQL Backup) the transaction log regularly.

You database is small, but I'd look for maintenance plans to rebuild indexes, statistics etc. I'd probably schedule that for a weekly run (I assume you have SQL Server standard for this).

Finally, your versions of Server and SQL are very old - I'd be looking to upgrade.

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Start with
- Brent Ozar's sp_Blitz
- Ola Hallengren's scripts

But to be honest: Assign a business risk to failures, when those 20 users can no longer work. Hire a SQL Server/DBA consultant for that amount to get at least an full analysis.


I restored a backup to a VM and was playing with it as I don't want to mess with the production system. I did download Bret's scripts but when I opened the sp_blitz and executed it nothing happens.
ste5anSenior Developer

You need to execute it "twice". Once to install it, then you run EXECUTE sp_Blitz.


k i got it working. checking the results now.

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