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We are looking for the application where the movement of the items to be stored and tracked of its import and export process, we would like to measure the time taken of each movement and complete insight on where at present the item is, this could be under the import or export process ,
Repair process.
 We export the items for the repair where it has following process involved pick up from the customer location, moves to local warehouse and then shipped to other country and reaches to their ware house and they send it to repair and once repair is completed they send it to their warehouse and from there shipped to our country ware house and from our country to customer location, there are multiple inbetween locations involved in this entire process, each of the location the item is moved then an email alert to be sent to receiving location concerned person about its arrival as it has shipped from the existing location. we should also store the documents for each of the items and each location their processing documentation will attached and the movement should carry the documents of each locations processing.
Purchase process, ( we are not creating quote, RFP, invoice) all we are doing is to maintain the documents which is already processed from other ERP system.
Also another process that is tracking the items delivered against each of the purchase order , for the same purchase order number the delivery happens on multiple shipments, in additional to track pending or delivered to also track their movements as all these items are from other country.
Please suggest movement tracking software .

Thanks in advance,
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this type of application CAN use of RFID tracking technology.
The Complete Active RFID Overview

Active RFID systems (otherwise known as active RTLS) use battery-powered sensor tags that connect to various access points throughout an area (like a building) and transfer data to the cloud.

Active RFID is commonly used for real-time location tracking. What makes the technology attractive for this use is:
  1. Low cost: When compared to alternatives like infrared, WiFi, and ultra wide-band (UWB), active RFID is the least expensive when it comes to overall system cost.
  2. High scalability: Active RFID systems easily scale due to the long read range—the technology can typically detect tags farther than 100 feet away. You could potentially cover 10,000 square feet of space with a single reader and a handful of reference points.
  3. Long battery life: Active RFID tags are known to have a battery life of roughly three to five years, with some types of tags lasting up to 10 years.

There are three different types of active RFID: beaconing RFID, transponding RFID, and intelligent RFID. Each of these types of active RFID are quite different from one another and lend themselves to different use cases. Take a look at each below to learn more about how they function, what they’re used for, and which one might be right for you.


Thanks for the information, I am looking for erp  or custom developed solution for this as first would like to collect , store and analyse please suggest which erp software can used and can be customised.
sorry - i'm out of the loop as to more recent developments

obviously, 1 or 2 paragraphs is not enough information to make specific suggestions

also it is not clear to me exactly what is your involvement in the the 2 processes

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