Remove account after converting to shared mailbox?

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If I have an O365 account that is either cloud or AD synced that had an assigned mailbox, can I convert it to shared and then I in assign the Exchange license and then delete the account without affecting the now shared mailbox?
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timgreen7077Exchange Engineer
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No, you can't ever delete the user object, even with a shared mailbox. Also a shared mailbox in O365 doesn't require a license.
You can convert a normal user mailbox to a shared mailbox, which will disable the user object, but DO NOT delete the user object, and once converted you can remove the mailbox license because it's not required for shared mailboxes. Shared mailboxes don't need a license unless the mailbox has over 50GB of data.
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Garry if your desire is to ultimately get rid of the user account you can do the following
1.  Create a new shared mailbox in o365
2.   Using powershell connected to o365 Soft-Delete the user's mailbox by running    Remove-Mailbox "emailaddressoftheuser"  
3.   Wait about 20-30 minutes for the mailbox to soft-delete out
4.  Using powershell connected to o365 Run the below command to get the ExchangeGuid from the soft-deleted mailbox
Get-Recipient "emailaddressoftheuser" -IncludeSoftDeletedRecipients | Select Identity,*guid*
(if the soft delete process has finished the identity name will include soft deleted)
5.  Run the command again to get your exchange guid of your shared mailbox
Get-Recipient "emailaddressofthesharedmailbox" | Select Identity,*guid*

Once you have your ExchangGuids you will now import the mail from the softdeleted mailbox in to the shared mailbox with the following command

New-MailboxRestoreRequest -SourceMailbox "EnterExchangeGuidofSoftdeletedmailbox" -TargetMailbox "EnterExchangeGuidofSharedMailbox"  -AllowLegacyDNMismatch -AcceptLargeDataLoss -BadItemLimit Unlimited -LargeItemLimit Unlimited -verbose

Once you have imported it all the mail from the soft deleted mailbox you may now remove the user if you wish.


awesome that is wonderful; thank you so much

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