Scan network for Windows 7 units

Are there any known tools like advanced IP scanner I can use to scan the network and report OS?  I want to do a workstation survey and find out which machines currently on the network I am connected to are running Windows 7.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAsked:
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MLV CMCommented:
Do you have a managed antivirus solution?  If so it will likely provide a report with the OS version of all protected PCs.
aravind ancheWindows/Vmware Commented:
I would use powershell to get the list of computers with windows 7
Muhammad Farjad ArshadSystem EngineerCommented:
Their are many such tools most popular are
angry ip scanner
Free ip scanner
Lansweeper ip scanner
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aravind ancheWindows/Vmware Commented:
Something like
Get-ADComputer -Filter {OperatingSystem -like "*7*"}
aravind ancheWindows/Vmware Commented:
this should help you with all details
$win7 = Get-ADComputer -Filter {OperatingSystem -like "*7*"} `
    -Properties Name, DNSHostName, OperatingSystem, `
        OperatingSystemServicePack, OperatingSystemVersion, PasswordLastSet, `
        whenCreated, whenChanged, LastLogonTimestamp, nTSecurityDescriptor, `
        DistinguishedName |
    Where-Object {$_.whenChanged -gt $((Get-Date).AddDays(-90))} |
    Select-Object Name, DNSHostName, OperatingSystem, `
        OperatingSystemServicePack, OperatingSystemVersion, PasswordLastSet, `
        whenCreated, whenChanged, `
          Expression={[datetime]::FromFileTimeUTC($_.LastLogonTimestamp)}}, `
          Expression={$_.nTSecurityDescriptor.Owner}}, `

        $win7 |Export-Csv "C:\machines.csv"

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Also check this out
Coolie SheppardSystems EngineerCommented:
Spiceworks scans your network and puts in a specific groups such as Operating system types, CPU, etc.

It's been open source for a long time as well.

Check it out:
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the help.  I recalled the client has SEP and just did a list of the remaining machines and were able to obtain them that way.   We are all set.

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