#TempTable from comma separated textdata

I want to declare a list:

DECLARE @myList     nvarchar(max)  = '1,2,3~4,5,6';

Do cross appply (or similar) to get:

col 1, col 2, col 3
1         2        3
4         5        6

How would you do that?

Berhan KaragoezCreatorAsked:
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
Below is an example similar to your request but from a csv file which is essentially close to what you need:

--create a table to host imported data
CREATE TABLE #SampleOutput
[CreatedDate] varchar(50) null,
[FailureReason] varchar(255) null,
[FromUser] varchar(50) null,
[QSource] varchar(255) null

--Now run following script to load all the data from CSV to database table. If there is any error in any row it will be not inserted but other rows will be inserted.
INSERT #SampleOutput
FROM 'c:\SampleOutput.csv'

--Check the content of the table.
SELECT * FROM #SampleOutput;

DROP TABLE #SampleOutput;

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Berhan KaragoezCreatorAuthor Commented:
No, I do not want to use BULK insert of any kind, sorry I forgot to mention this.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:
try this:

DECLARE @myList nvarchar(max)  = '1,2,3~4,5,6~7,8,9~10,11,12';

declare @xml xml = cast(concat('<root><row>', replace(@myList,'~','</row><row>'), '</row></root>') as xml)

;with cte as
	Select f.value('text()[1]','NVARCHAR(MAX)') v from @xml.nodes('//row') t(f)
parsename(replace(v,',','.'),3) col1,
parsename(replace(v,',','.'),2) col2,
parsename(replace(v,',','.'),1) col3
from cte

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Berhan KaragoezCreatorAuthor Commented:
Yes Ryan - that is the solution.

I've also used xml to solve this but your solution was better and shorter code as well, plus it did exactly what I wanted!

Thank you.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:
Coool great
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