watermark on image c#

i have 10000+ images and I want to prevent people download the images. I am thinking using watermark (my domain name). and my question is below.

1. using c# and mvc / razor, is it possible to add watermark on the image? like a domain name from left top to right bottom.
2. if the watermark text is added, will it still show on the image if someone downloaded it?

3. do you have any ideas beside the watermark?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Yes, you can watermark images programmatically or use any of the many watermarking programs to do it.  But.

Visible watermarking, even that embedded and crossing the image subject, is easily removed.  There are sites on the internet that do it for free, and software that will do it in bulk.


Here's my take on this issue:

1.  Watermarking an image visibly won't prevent someone from stealing it and removing the watermark.

2.  Visibly watermarking images on a web site distracts viewers and makes your site look cheap.

3.  Steganographically (hidden digital) watermarking an image does no good unless you enforce it, which brings up

4.  Unless you have the time and money to pay an image search company to search and find your stolen images on the internet, and then take the infringers to court, there's no point in watermarking images.

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