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File cease to scan to network share

Has anyone run into scanning issues with the Xerox Phaser 3635MFP.   This was working just fine up 2 about 2 weeks ago.   I changed the DNS settings on the DC to reflect the correct DNS and the scanner has lost its ability to scan to folder.  

Current setting

IP local static
class c subnet gateway <-- DC secondary DNS akternate DNS

File repository setting

NAME (Customer name)
Protocol SMB
hostname file server name no \\ or //
share scanned (Name of folder) no \\ //
login domain\administrator
domain admin pw

the only thing that was changed was the DNS which I updated on the scanner as well.

The folder has system full access as far as permissions.

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Coolie Sheppard
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If your local printer's DNS is looking at, then it won't be able to find anything local by name.

Try taking out the on the printer and only leave the local DNS
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Andrew N. Kowtalo

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Great help thank you