Looking for a website or an app for encrypted notes on clients.

Hello everyone. I have an IT Solutions business and I have various clients. I am looking for a web service or a website solution where I can keep notes on different clients I have and keep an inventory count. Sort of like Evernote but with sensitive data, So, Preferably something encrypted I suppose ? I thought of using Mega.nz and then create a word file on there and make notes ? but that's not really a great solution. Thanks everyone.
Karan NandaTechnical AnalystAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Just keep a local file + encrypt/decrypt the file as required.

This is the safest.

If you use some random 3rd party service, then the 3rd party always has a copy of your data.
Stephen ChungCommunity ManagerCommented:
What do you mean by an inventory count?

I've used Standard Notes for it's encryption purposes, but it really is an incredibly simple notes app, doesn't rival Evernote in anyway in terms of features. But it does have great privacy!
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Some options:

Turtl makes it easy to store text notes, files, images, passwords, and bookmarks in encrypted storage. Everything is encrypted, even on Turtl’s servers. They don’t even store your password, which means if you lose it, you can’t get any of your notes back.


If you don’t need many organizational features — if you just use your note-taking app to jot a few things down and then move or delete them, for example — Protected Text will meet your needs. It’s about as simple as a note-taking app can be: a few plain-text tabs, and that’s it. No text formatting, no folders, no tags, no search. Just an encrypted space to store your stuff.


Instead of offering a new note-taking app, Saferoom encrypts your Evernote and Onenote notes before syncing them to the cloud. It requires more steps than simply using an encrypted note app, but it does let you keep using your chosen note-taking app.

Karan NandaTechnical AnalystAuthor Commented:
ITGlue.com seems like the solution I need. I am going to inquire with them more regarding their security and encryption however.

Turtl.it is a great secure replacement for Evernote I blv but it feel it doesn't have the details like ITGlue has and can help with my organization for different clients and their databases.
SOC 2 compliant and it is encrypted, but it's not a zero knowledge encryption, since they have the keys on a separate server.
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