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needing help in figuring percent of deduction for a bonus

GMartin asked
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            I wish to help a friend with a percentage question as it relates to his payroll check.  Basically, he wishes to know the percentage of deduction for a bonus in the amount of $1,000.   In other words, he wishes to know how much of the $1,000 he keeps.  To aid in the computation, here is a brief summary of details:  Gross Amount:
 $2, 891.84.... Net Amount:  $1,933.81..... Total Personal Deductions: $958.03.  The bonus of $1,000 was combined with his regular pay to make one check as opposed to it being a separate payout.  

            If more information is needed in computing the percentage of deduction for the bonus, please let me know and it will be provided upon request.  That said, I look forward to hearing back from everyone regarding this question.

            Thank you

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If he received a non-tax bonus of $1000 and he claims single, he'll need to put away 30% of it for tax purposes.  30% is around the deduction for federal.  However, depending on his tax deductions, such as medical expenses, etc, etc, he could owe less than 30% when the credits kick in.

To be safe, I would put $300 to the side for taxes on it with an additional 10% for state taxes.  An overestimation is always better than an underestimation
Look at his tax return (If not yet done he is in mild trouble and the answer cannot be calculated.)
What was his AGI?    (adjusted gross income)
What was his tax paid? (include ALL taxes)

The answer is        (tax/AGI)bonus


Hi Everyone,

           Please keep in mind that the figures previously given are based on a single month (October) with other monthly pay being different for the remaining months due to the bonus given in October.   The federal income taxes are automatically taken out each month by his employer, so, no intervention on his part is needed.   To me, it sounds like the only information missing you need is federal income tax withheld for that month which is $256.46.  The pay stub does not list adjusted gross income, only gross and net amounts.  If further information is needed, let me know.