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Recommendations for a book regarding SaaS development

Can anyone recommend a good book regarding the development of SaaS packages? Not from a technical standpoint, but more from an administrative/costs standpoint. And yes, I know I have posted a simple question to a very complex issue, but I am having to start somewhere.

Also, I am interested in anyone who wants to work on the project. It is basically a report generation project with a little math. The reasons for going SaaS are simple: (1) maintaining one piece of software; (2) not having to deal with multiple versions of the software; and (3) piracy.
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SAAS overview https://www.slideshare.net/paragliding2000/saas-presentation-at-scit-conference-presentation

report generation implies a datasource. Azure has a few different types of stores for publishing SAAS services.
David FavorFractional CTO
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Running SASS/API systems tend to be far cheaper than running other types of code, because you have complete control over caching control.

Very easy to run a 1,000,000+ reqs/minute API system, with zero load on a $100/month physical machine.

Especially the system you describe, as your system will likely have low/no disk/SQL i/o, so can likely run on an even cheaper machine.

Tip: For API systems, run Ubuntu Bionic (LTS - 5 years of updates) at machine level, then run your API in an LXD container.

This way if your API system consumes all machine resources, scaling becomes as easy as...

1) Clone your LXD container to another machine.

2) Add IP of newly cloned LXD container into your DNS in round robin format.

3) Now users will access one of 2x API instances.

4) Any time you must do this again, just execute steps #1 + #2 again.

Also, this means you can spin up a dev container + make changes + then when the dev container is ready for production, just clone your dev container as many times as required + change all your round robin DNS from old IPs to new IPs.

Might be good for you to hire a few people with lots of API dev experience for short calls + take notes about their design approach.

Likely you'll pickup some great design ideas you can use.
Bill GoldenExecutive Managing Member


David & David,
Thanks so much for the insight. It is thrilling/scary as hell to have a great project but not sure how to implement it, especially when you are about to invest your life savings into it.
I waited all my adult life to be in the right place and the right time with a good idea with little competition.
Now I just have to find the right people. I will keep you updated.
Thanks again,
Bill Golden
David FavorFractional CTO
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[ ... soap box mode on ... ]

Tip: If you're investing any big money. Stop. You're doing something wrong.

You should be able to write your own API + have a rough version running in a few days.

Writing API code is dirt simple + should cost you only a few hours of your own time.

If you have to invest your life savings... well... don't...

Especially if someone convinces you this is the way to go. They're wrong or they're giving you information that's good for them (you're paying them) rather than good for you.

Based on this comment from you, I'd strongly suggest you hire several consultants for a few hours each + get their input.

Tips: If any of their advice includes you spending your life savings, ditch them + move on to the next consultant.

[ ... soap box mode off ... ]
Bill GoldenExecutive Managing Member


Thanks everyone.