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Windows 10 SSTP VPN connection to SoftEther VPN server registers WAN IP rather than client's host name in DNS

I am using the following setup:
1. VPN Server reachable at public IP with SoftEther VPN-Server installed on Debian (listening on port 443)
2. BIND9 and DHCP server installed on Debian
3. Client
  - OS: Windows 10 1803
  - Ethernet NIC with guest internet (allowing ports 80 and 443 outgoing)
    . gets through DHCP an internal IP address by the connected Fritz!box at
    . the Fritz!box WAN IP is which resolves in
  - The certificate exported from above server has been imported into Local Computer under Root Certificates
  - Configured Windows SSTP VPN-Client
  - host name is "MyClient"

- I can successfully connect the SSTP VPN-Client to the VPN-Server
- The VPN adapter is in connected state with properly assigned IP, netmask, gateway and DNS (like intended by the backend)
- the only issue is, that the DNS registration of my host is NOT the expected "MyClient.psv.local" (as it correctly does with L2TP connection)
- instead it registers the WAN IP (or sometimes its resolved FQDN ) of the ethernet adapter
- I disabled IPv6 on both LAN and VPN adapters, checked "register IP address in DNS" on VPN adapter

I really need the SSTP to work properly, since it is the only way of connecting over TCP 443.
Cannot use SoftEther Client or OpenVPN,because they conflict with the Qbik Wingate soft I installed for internet connection sharing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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And why do you need to have a DNS entry for your client? Usually you just leave it to the server to register dial-in IPs. Or maybe the server side registration is working that way - and causing this issue.
Your client does not keep your WAN IP anywhere, so I have no clue where it should come from if not from the server...
Just because one VPN server registers the client name in DNS, does not mean that other VPN server solution do the same.

If you have a fritzbox running NAT, what do you need wingate for ?
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