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This question is for someone who has learned core.

I know there’s a lot of references like Microsoft site, web tutorials, YouTube... etc.

But as far as books go, I searched Amazon for ASP.NET Core books. There are many books.

In your opinion which is a great book to start with that you recommend?
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Hi Mike,

I know you are specifically asking for a book but I have some points to raise. Since Mid 2016, .Net Framework is following Twice yearly release cadence. And ASP.Net Core is changing at a rapid pace. I do not think any author worth his/her salt and who wants to publish something reliable and meaningful can keep up with it.

Similarly, being a developer/tech lead/architect, you can not keep up with reading 2 books a year (you can read more, many more on different topics, on advanced topics - but not on basics - I hope I make this point clear) just to keep up with the platform.

Ideally, you should draw on your existing experience, keep yourself updated with new APIs being introduced and APIs which are being deprecated and then read on specific advanced topics which interest you OR are required at your job OR can give you a boost in your career.

With that said, I envision, a LIVE EBook is more meaningful in today's time which can be changed along with dates and necessary information - unfortunately I am not aware if there is any in .Net/ASP.Net Core.

If you think Docs are not what you want then may I suggest you have a look at: It is radically different and especially with introduction of the Sandbox, it eventually will be a game changer. Please ... Please give it a shot before you begin your quest for the book.

All the best for your journey :)



Thanks. Good info!
Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
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Glad I could help. I am interested to know your experience, if you give a shot tot their Sandbox for ASP.Net Core. After you have tried that please let me know if you can spare sometime. There are only 2 courses right now but you can expect them to increase the numbers many folds once the .Net core 3.0 is released.

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