Can I Create a Background from an Existing Slide?

I have created a slide which consists of a company logo in the lower left corner, a vertical line which extends from the top of the slide to the bottom to create a visual divider and a black background:

I want this slide to be the 'background' of this presentation.  I don't want to hit "Duplicate Slide" - I just want every new slide to appear with a black background, logo in lower left corner and dividing line.

How can I 'save' this slide to be a background for every new slide I create?
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Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorAsked:
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Assuming that you drew or added all these objects onto a slide so you can select them, then do the following:

1. Select all the objects.
2. Press CTRL+C to copy them to the clipboard.
3. Go to Master View (View tab > Slide Master)
4. Select the biggest thumbnail (the slide master) or the specific layout you want to apply this to if it's only one.
5. Right-click an empty area and choose Format Background.
6. Choose "picture or texture."
7. Click the Clipboard button.

format background
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
You will want to save this as a slide master. Go to View>Slide Master. Click on the number 1 main master slide. Check your design elements and modify as necessary. Then save this as a theme.
Click the Design tab and click the arrow to reveal the design gallery
At the bottom, choose Save current theme
Name it but do not change the location
Now your template will be listed in the custom templates section any time you want to apply it

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I should also add something.

Before you create the background by pasting from the clipboard, you'll want to change the background style to black so that it forces your text to be white.

So, when you're in slide master view (View tab > Slide Master), on the Slide Master tab, click the Background Styles button, then right-click one of the black thumbnails (probably style 3 or 4) and choose Apply to Master. (If you're doing this on a specific layout, you'll have the option to apply to all layouts or to the selected layout.)

This will force your text to be white. Now you can paste the logo and line or change the background color to something completely different or whatever you wish. But the point is to force the text to be white so you don't have to do it manually each time you create a slide.

Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys.  The problem with the "Clipboard" approach is it attempts to center and maximize the image which didn't quite work.  However, by editing the Slide Master and then saving it as a template, that did exactly what I wanted.

The comment regarding setting the background style was also helpful - that automagically made the text white instead of forcing me to change those all individually.

Thanks again!!
Glad you got it to work!

I think the reason for the clipboard not working is that the logo and line aren't centered on your design. If you had added a black rectangle l the size of the slide, then it would have fit as expected.

Actually, I originally thought that's how you'd made the black background, but then I realized you'd probably just used Format Background and set it to black -- which will leave your text black and be a royal pain. :-)  Hence the added info on background styles! lol
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