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How do you bill when 2 or more clients ask for the same thing or when one client asks for something I've done for someone else?

Let's say you work 10 hours on a project, then a week later a different client asks for the same thing. Do you bill one client and not another or do you bill them each 10 hours totalling 20 hours even though you only worked 10?
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I charge 80-100% of the original price but make sure to add new features or fix bugs etc.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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This depends on the agreement with the first client.  If the agreement states you own the intellectual property as the developer, you can sell it for whatever you deem appropriate.  If you don't have an agreement, I would tread lightly especially if both clients are in the same line of business.  And I'd speak with an attorney for guidance on this lest you subject yourself to lawsuits from client #1.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services Manager
You bill them both exact same price.  Nothing is going to be 100% the same.

You are billing not just for time, but for value.

As a coder, I am going to reuse code I already have tested and know it’s working.  There is value, not just time, that I am billing for.

Quickbooks doesn't give discounts to customer 2.... even though its the same software solution they provided to customer 1.

If you build something that has value, its not just about the time you spent.  You get paid what you are worth or it’s not worth it.

As  long as you are upfront and honest in your practice, you will meet your customer expectations.  Most of the time if I mention that I have most of the solution already coded, they are happy that the delivery time is faster = value.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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How do you bill when 2 or more clients ask for the same thing or when one client asks for something I've done for someone else?

I don't really understand your example. If the clients are separate and independent, bill them both for the work even though to you it was the same.

Now if I do work for Client A and it takes 10 hours, I bill them that. If the "same" work for Client B takes 8 hours because of my increased experience, I bill Client B 8 hours.

After 18 years at this, I can work much faster than I used to and so I bill less (to all clients) but I bill for the actual work at each client.


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