Remotely set a BIOS password for Dell & Thinkpads

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Most PCs/laptops (they're old models of Dell & Thinkpad X and T series) we have do not have BIOS password set:
is there a way to remotely set the BIOS password (for the 1st time) without physically accessing the PCs/laptops?

We have Desktop Central that could spawn a command prompt (owned by SYSTEM) to all PCs/laptops or get a
GUI login (Desktop Central agent on endpoints) but we've removed PowerShell from the PCs/laptops.

VBscript can still run (though I ack VB is a vulnerability too).
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Gaurav SinghSolutions Architect
well, just wanted to know how you manage end clients like patching etc. Do you have SCCM in your infrastructure? if yes you can use SCCM Task sequence.

It can be managed via Powershell provided currently there is no passwords are there in bios.

Refer below link, test it on one PC first and see if that works


we dont hv SCCM.  We use Managed Engine's  Desktop Central  n  WSUS for patching


Can't run PowerShell scripts as Powershell has been removed from the PCs/laptops
You can download a command line tool to set the BIOS password:

i.e. cctk.exe for Dell

cctk.exe --setuppwd=YourBIOSpwd
Probably your Thinkpads do not support the WMI interface:
"All ThinkPad models from 2018 or newer"

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