SplashScreen form loads at the same time with the startup form in vb.net

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In my application Splash Screen loads at the same time with my startup form. I don't know what is causing that my splash screen vb code like below. And also i took and screenshot from application settings.

Option Explicit On
Option Strict On

Public NotInheritable Class SplashScreen1

    'TODO: This form can easily be set as the splash screen for the application by going to the "Application" tab
    '  of the Project Designer ("Properties" under the "Project" menu).

    Private Sub frmSplashScreen_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
        'Set up the dialog text at runtime according to the application's assembly information.  

        'TODO: Customize the application's assembly information in the "Application" pane of the project 
        '  properties dialog (under the "Project" menu).

        'Application title
        If My.Application.Info.Title <> "" Then
            ApplicationTitle.Text = My.Application.Info.Title
            'If the application title is missing, use the application name, without the extension
            ApplicationTitle.Text = System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(My.Application.Info.AssemblyName)
        End If

        'Format the version information using the text set into the Version control at design time as the
        '  formatting string.  This allows for effective localization if desired.
        '  Build and revision information could be included by using the following code and changing the 
        '  Version control's designtime text to "Version {0}.{1:00}.{2}.{3}" or something similar.  See
        '  String.Format() in Help for more information.
        '    Version.Text = System.String.Format(Version.Text, My.Application.Info.Version.Major, My.Application.Info.Version.Minor, My.Application.Info.Version.Build, My.Application.Info.Version.Revision)

        Version.Text = System.String.Format(Version.Text, My.Application.Info.Version.Major, My.Application.Info.Version.Minor)

        'Copyright info
        Copyright.Text = My.Application.Info.Copyright

    End Sub
End Class

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I would like my splash screen to load, close, and then have my form load afterwards.

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I'm not sure what the question is. Are you asking WHY your splash screen loads? If so, it's because you've selected your splash screen as part of the application framework...


I mean in my other applications with same SplashScreen it's loading on startup and it shutdowns(hide) after that my main form loading. without any defined timer on SplashScreen
But now in my case SplashScreen loads and my main form loads after a while my splash screen disappear.  I'd like SplashScreen appears -> disappears -> main form loads.
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The current behaviour is the default when you select the option to have a splash screen.
I guess you coded the earlier behaviour yourself rather than accepting the default behaviour.

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