SQLDataReader giving only one field

Abhilash Nagar
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Anything incorrect below as i am getting only single field rather then 3 in the datareader. I am just getting StudentID field value only.

SqlCommand getStudent = InitiateDatabaseCommand();

            getStudent.Parameters.Add("@StudentId", SqlDbType.Int);
            getStudent.Parameters["@StudentId"].Value = 1;
            getStudent.CommandText = "Select * From Student  r where r.StudentID=@StudentId AND r.Name like '%R%'";

            SqlDataReader dr = comm.ExecuteReader();

        while (dr.Read()){

           //filling the studentinfo data model object here.
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//filling the studentinfo data model object here.

You omitted the most significant piece of information from your question. Could you please demonstrate what is it that is being written where you have mentioned the above text?

Also, please show us the structure of the Student table.
.NET Developer
Thanks for the response. some Syntax was the issue. So i did it but really thanks for the response.
Abhilash Nagar.NET Developer


I was referring a command object which was incorrect.

Correct command object was SqlCommand comm

I was referring to the SqlCommand testcomm which was running execute scalar.

Thanks for all the responses. Really appreciate your time.

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