Need to add Bullet Point text in Slide Master View -- if possible....

Hello Everyone,

Working on a new PowerPoint   Office 365.  I'm trying to put a placeholder for Bullet Point Text in the Slidemaster.

Is there a way to insert a Bullet Point placeholder in the Slidemaster.  I only seem to be able to insert a "Click to Edit Master Text Styles" -- and that doesn't even show up in Normal View.  

Please take a look at the attached, and check my  Slide Master view.


Please see attached, and see what I am "missing"
Rowby GorenAsked:
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John WilsonCEO PowerPoint AlchemyCommented:
if you go to the Home Tab and click RESET you will see "Click to add ...."

You can customise this text but it will not show if you print or show as a slideshow and it will disappear as soon as you click it. That how it works.
You cannot add placeholders to the slide master, but you can add them to the layouts (the smaller thumbnails). You'll have to add the placeholder to each layout. To do so, click Insert Placeholder, select the type of placeholder you want, and then click and drag on the layout to add it. You can then position and format as desired.

Since you have only one layout, you will need to add it there.

But why did you delete the default body placeholder ("click to edit master text styles") on the master in the first place? Every layout picks up its formatting from those two placeholders -- the title placeholder and the body placeholder -- on the slide master. Then you can override the formatting on an individual layout if you want, but if you just format the placeholder on the master, it makes things faster and more consistent throughout the layouts.

To get that body placeholder on the slide master back, click the master layout button on the slide master tab.

In the dialog, click the Text button to add that body text placeholder back.

Also, when you refer to the "bullet point placeholder" ...

You know, I'm not sure if you're trying to add specific text to your slide master/layouts or if you're trying to add a "click to add text" placeholder with round bullets instead of triangles so you can add different text on each slide in normal view.
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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Thanks Echo,

I would like (if possible) to add a "click to add text" placeholder with round bullets (instead of triangles).     I will have a main section with just bullet points and I would like to
1)  Click to add test
2)  Round bullets.

Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
(I think I just now figured it out -- but just in case I'm not quite right, I await your expert suggestion. :)

Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Hi Echo5,

In slide master view I see the headline (placecholder?) and the "bullet text"    However in "Normal view" i only see the editable headline.

Maybe I should not be editing the slides in Normal View??

Here's my updated PowerPoint 365.

Hi, Rowby --

Go to View > Slide Master.

On the big thumbnail, which is the slide master, click in the body placeholder on the first line of text. Or, if you want to change the bullets on all levels of text, click the edge of the placeholder to select it instead of clicking inside it.

Now, while still in master view, click the Home tab, then the bullets button on the Ribbon, and select the round bullets. All your bullets will change.

If you want to adjust the size or color, click bullets and numbering at the bottom
then use the size and color options
A note about colors. That red title text is really bad on that blue. It will vibrate on-screen and give people headaches.
Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Hi Echo_5

(Actually that red text was just a test to make sure that what I was doing was affecting the regular view)

My remaining misunderstanding is how to I make the bullet point text placeholder visible and editable in normal. view.

I can change the (white) headline, but the bullet points are not visible in Normal view.

Clearly I am misunderstanding something here.


Here's a screencast  Screencast

Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Hi Echo-5

I think I 'get it" now.  I needed to select the layout.

Now i'm seeing the bullet points, etc.

Will report back once I am sure I "know what I'm doing".

Ah, yes, that's the missing piece. Sorry about that!

In normal view, click the bottom of the New Slide button and select the layout. All the placeholders should appear.

If the layout already exists, you can click the Layout button and click it again (or click a different layout, if you have others). Or you can click the RESET button to reapply the layout to the slide.

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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.  I'm finally getting the feel for Master slides etc.
Glad to hear it!
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