Connect Dreamweaver 2019 to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2 Express

Vincent Mills
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Dreamweaver 2019 CC
Win 10, 64 Bit, all patches current
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2 Express
SSMS installed using window for credentials
Apache installed

Installed is a software I sell and support for the Point of Sale industry.
Use localhost via Chrome to log into a "Back Office" usually used for reports for the end user / customer. I / we also use it for adding items ect.
1. Fully functioning installation.
2. Successfully login via Chrome "localhost" using default user name and password
Use Dreamweaver to edit webpages display - padding fonts and adjust some of the tabular displays.

No matter the page I chose - in Live Mode (NOT LIVE PREVIEW) displays the login page.

Live preview did ask for login - but then displays the page. I'd really prefer to not work in this manner - but if this is the only solution.

Kindly help me out. Thank you.

See my settings below.

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you need to use sql authentication vs Windows authentication for non windows products or sql server on a different server
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It has been a long time since I used DreamWeaver and have not loaded the latest version.  Dreamweaver is one of the last Development tools that have a live preview as you work as an all in one product. In the past, the rendering in the preview was not very accurate and more of an approximation.  Now the page can be rendered in Live view which is a chrome browser. You can still use Design View which is the old way. I remember being able to edit password protected pages then. The difference is the representation of the page in Design View will not exactly match Live View.  If you are just using it to add padding and  margin, it will  help give you the approximation. It would be interesting to know if that view works.  

Either way, it is a work around. If you use Live View you have to log in and the other may work without logging in but will not be an exact representation.

Another option you can use if you are just worried about adjusting css files is to view the source of some of your logged in pages, copy and paste the rendered html to your local machine and edit the css (that uses the same css file) for those pages in live view.  Then it is just a matter of uploading the css to the live site/server.
Vincent MillsFounder


Mr. Johnson and Mr. Fell,

Thank you both for your input and guidance.
Mr. Johnson, using another machine to host the DB and the project is a excellent idea.

To both; I think as I'm only working on aesthetics at this point, I'm going to use the  Live View for now. Not exactly what I wanted but as Mr. Fell mentioned it is a work around.

Thank you again.
Vincent MillsFounder


Thank you Mr. Johnson and Mr. Fell for your assistance.

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